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Manawa, Wisconsin, WI: Flea Markets

There are 10 Flea Markets in or near Manawa, Wisconsin WI.

7 Mile Fair

7 Mile Fair is located approximately 124 miles from Manawa. They're one of the best on the market. Their current phone number is (262) 835-2177.
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Bargain Bazaar

Bargain Bazaar is located approximately 111 miles from Manawa. Bargain Bazaar is located at 3430 W National Ave. If you need more information, call them: (414) 328-1561.
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Beloit Home Furniture

Beloit Home Furniture is located approximately 136 miles from Manawa. Why don't you give them a try?. Their current phone number is (608) 361-1600.
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C R Flea Market

C R Flea Market is located approximately 67 miles from Manawa. A friendly Flea Market. If you need more information, call them: (920) 726-4484.
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Cranberry Festival

Cranberry Festival is located approximately 83 miles from Manawa. Cranberry Festival is located at 402 Pine. Need to give Cranberry Festival a call? (608) 378-4200.
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Funland Flea Market & Mini

Funland Flea Market & Mini is located approximately 31 miles from Manawa. Their exact address is: 1423 Green Valley Rd. Need to give Funland Flea Market & Mini a call? (920) 725-7347.
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Greyhound Park-N-Market Inc

Greyhound Park-N-Market Inc is located approximately 33 miles from Manawa. Looking for a good Flea Market? Check out Greyhound Park-N-Market Inc at 1601 Delanglade St. Call them at (920) 830-2263.
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Montello 2 Mile Flea Market

Montello 2 Mile Flea Market is located approximately 55 miles from Manawa. They're a really good Flea Market. Call them at (608) 297-8655.
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Our Place

Our Place is located approximately 71 miles from Manawa. They are a nice Flea Market. Contact them at (715) 735-3266.
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Trails To Bridges

Trails To Bridges is located approximately 99 miles from Manawa. Contact information: 300 Cottonwood Ave # 12. Their phone number is (262) 369-1570.
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